The We Are One children’s picture book and the We Are One Exploration Cards have been named among the best in family friendly media, products and services.


We Are One

by Jennifer Black

Illumination Arts, 2010

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Children’s Picture Book

New Age & Indigo Topics


We Are One Exploration Cards

by Jennifer Black Illumination

Arts / Diamond Clear Vision, 2008

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Toys, Games & Puzzles

Ages 3 - 9


2011 Creative Child Awards Program

Consisting of Moms and Educators have Awarded the following:

We Are Love Book


(Kids Books category)

We Are One Exploration Cards


(Educational Products for Kids category)





Book Reviews


Book Review by P.M.H. Atwater, LHD.,

author of "Beyond the Indigo Children,"

"The New Children and Near-Death Experiences," and

"The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences."




Read the book "We Are One" by Jennifer Black. If you buy a copy, please get the exploration cards that go with it as well.

Yes, there are other books available that embrace the idea of oneness among people and in our relationship to the natural world. But this one is truly different.

"We Are One" is lyrical. Reading it is like singing a song. And the drawings are bright and cheery and wondrous. It is for the younger crowd but even adults like me will get a kick out of the story (wish they had books like this when I was a kid). ! With our newest generation, those as young as two or three will get the message this book conveys right away, and, they will understand it. They know what Oneness means. Many even know why they are here in the first place.

"We Are One" by Jennifer Black is for the world's new children. She "sings" to them from its pages - a song we all need to hear.

Highly recommended. 

...P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D.

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Book Review by Erica Settino - Creations Magazine

Jennifer Black is a truly inspiring and gifted visionary, who, with her beautiful books, has created the new standard for children’s writing. What is perhaps most amazing, is that the talented Ms. Black not only wrote the poignant, melodious and poetic content, but that she also illustrated, with vibrant colors and visceral imagery, each of the hardcover books, and the set of exploration cards.

With her intent to inspire children to see past our external distinctions, and instead embrace our oneness and unity, Jennifer Black has captured the essence of the Golden Rule. Her work is a luminous reminder that no matter how different we may appear, we are in reality essentially the same.

Though intended for young children, Ms. Black has managed to produce three works of art that transcend age and time, reminding us all to treat all other beings, no matter our nationality, gender, species, shape, size or color, with love, compassion and respect.

Ms. Black’s work should be available in schools and libraries everywhere, providing the foundation for which our teaching curriculums are built upon.

Reviewed by Erica Settino




Letter from ‘Cromer Primary School

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for providing 2 copies of your book "We are One" to Cromer Public School for use on Harmony Day. You will be pleased to know that your book has been an ENORMOUS success with all of the students absolutely loving it.

The book was used as a major part of our Harmony Day education and celebration, with all teachers reading the book to their classes, and using it as a focal point for discussion. As part of our Harmony Day celebration, each class pairs up with a younger "buddy" class and they go out into the playground and create art with chalk on all the footpaths in the school. When we saw what the children had produced it was evident that your book had had a big impact on the students - there were lots of drawings of multicultural children all holding hands etc. Very beautiful, and exactly the sort of response we wanted the students to have to the day's celebrations. 

We are so pleased that you have also agreed to be our guest artist later in the year during our Art Show. All of the teachers, staff and pupils are very excited about meeting you and having your products for sale at the art show. It will be wonderful to see your other products you have created to support the message of We Are One.

The staff have also commented to me on your beautiful website. It must be extremely pleasing to know that your book and its message is having a profound impact and is being embraced by children and adults alike.

We appreciate your commitment in trying to make a difference in how we relate to ourselves and our community. We wish you well with your endeavours and look forward to seeing you during our Art Show in September.






Lovely Letter from Megan Martin, Canada

Hello Jennifer,

My mother, who lives in Australia, recently sent me a copy of your book for my (almost 2 year old) twin boys. The boys love the story and the pictures and it always makes them smile, they read along repeating the words (and that's not something they do with every book we read so I believe it is a special connection to the content).

I love the message and call the book "our daily prayer" when I'm asking the boys if they'd like to read it. I want every child I know to have this message at their finger tips, what a better world they'd build with this awareness in their tool kit. I'm sure that's the very reason you created this book in the first place.

We live in Canada (Vancouver) and I would love to help promote your book here, so more children in my community can have access to it. I am grateful for your creation and I'm sure many other parents and children are also.

Thank you,

Megan Martin, Canada



Letter of Appreciation from Naomi Trikilis, Australia

Dear Jennifer,

Many thanks for writing books that make one’s soul smile. Your simple yet effective words and bright illustrations, express my true feelings on love, life and spirituality. 

I am constantly looking for ways to enlighten my girls in a form that they will understand, as I try to keep them connected to themselves (their heart & true feelings) connected to my husband and I (bonding through emotion, books, artistic activities & discussion with as much family time as possible) and their attachment to earth (the importance of the environment, animals, plants and anything living). You have made this much easier for us as parents and I thank you from my heart.

I hope you are working on more because I have already started recommending your books to many mothers I know and I plan to buy many more as presents! It takes a wonderful person to write such wonderful books. If we could all just look at the world through the eyes of our children, I’m sure it would be a better place - but until then, we have unique people like you to thank, for inspiring us all to remember that we are one.

With Love and A ppreciation, 

Naomi & daughters