About Us

Thank you for visiting the World of We Are One website! I am grateful for every visit and each moment we contemplate, integrate and accept being a member of our global community. Through our awareness and recognition we relate to all beings and life forms collectively to nurture and cultivate the love that we are. This knowing is inherent in us when we are born, though at our human evolutionary point, humans, and therefore society, does not often reflect our true essence, and the illusion of separation continues. This is a root of great suffering which affects us consciously and unconsciously. By bringing awareness within, through enquiry and deep contemplation, these illusions begin to dissolve.

My vision and motivation to reflect our unified existence has led to the creation of two children's books, We Are One and We Are Love, both accompanied by the Exploration Cards. These books are anchor points to remind us of our divine essence.  Let's support and guide our young children into a new paradigm, one that celebrates life in all of its diversity!

The following are some detailed events that have shaped my life, if you choose to complete your reading now...

Thank You for visiting, Jennifer

I was born in Buffalo, New York in 1967, and at 2 years of age my mom, younger brother, and I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. We lived in a trailer while mom worked 2 jobs to support us. When I was 5 she met my dad, who came into our lives with a new sister.  They married and gave me 3 brothers. Born Catholic, my new father brought his Jewish heritage with him, my mother took the Mikvah and we celebrated the yearly traditions, of which one was my Bat Mitzvah.

When 15, my family moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia in promise of a simpler drug free environment for our upbringing. This was a smart though uncomfortable move at my age, and did prove successful. I left high school at the end of year 11 to pursue an apprenticeship in hairdressing, worked for a great company, established good work ethics, developed socially and began exploring creativity.

In my early 20's I took a trip to the United States, bought an old milk van (which had been converted into a mobile home) and travelled around for a couple of years. While falling in the love with the incredible varied beauty of the landscape, I also witnessed the diverse cultures and societal conditions, some of which were disturbing and dangerous.

Looking back, I can see that my return to Australia was influenced by an illusion that I could hide and avoid facing the harsh inequalities, prejudices and racism I witnessed while travelling through the cities and towns of my homeland. This worked for while as I explored my creativity through ceramics, opening a little business and happily painted away. My first impulses towards healing and awakening also surfaced at that time, offering hope and evolution.

Years rolled by as I practiced the art of mosaics, painting, poetry, spirit and love. My joy of travel continued and led me to Mexico, Guatemala, Israel, Egypt, and India, eventually settleng in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. This beautiful environment was full of healers, mystics, artists, musicians and eclectic dreamers, which supported my spiritual practice through Vipassana Meditation, circle work, dance, and A Course in Miracles.

In 2003 while living my dream on the beach in a communal environment, a fire claimed my home and studio. For months, I experienced signs and intuitive moments to relocate, which I did not acknowledge, in the end, the power of nature did it for me. Many realizations ensued, including recognition that I was deeply attached to my identity as an artist, the awareness of the beauty and freedom of impermanence, and lest I not forget...the power of intuition!

Within a year I was living on a magical land with dreams of communal gardens, playing, dancing, and creating. Though filled with life's earthly treasures, my spirit stirred restlessly and I found myself at a Path of Love workshop. This journey not only offered a profound deepening within myself, I also met my beloved, Steve.

A corporate lawyer from Sydney, it was not long before Steve joined me in the mystical lands of the Byron shire. Our union, inspired the birth of our first child, Zade who showered our lives with miracles, this lead to the creation of my first book, We Are One. Written in an hour sitting, a year was spent in its illustration. A similar journey occurred with the birth of our second child, Jiah, who flooded our hearts with profound love, resulting in the creation of the 2nd book, We Are Love.

Once in print, We Are One, We Are Love, and the accompanining Exploration Cards won Gold in the Mom's Choice Awards, We Are Love was awarded the Seal of Excellence in the Creative Child Awards, and the We Are One Exploration Cards was awarded a Preferred Choice Award in Creative Child Awards. As the publishing industry continued its adjustments to the technological age, I decided to come out of the studio to share the books with the world, this eventuated in our move to Sydney, Australia.

In 2012, Steve was offered a contract in Mongolia as a Leadership consultant, and we spent the following two years living in Ulaanbaatar. A central location to travel from, we went to Hong Kong, Thailand, England, France, and Turkey. Being sheltered from the distractions of the western world allowed time for new creative endeavors which resulted in the creation of  Soul's Palette and Lighting the Way.  After our time in Mongolia we spent a year living in San Fransico, California and then returned home to our treasured home of Byron Bay, Australia in 2016.


Many Blessings and once again...Thank you for visiting, Jennifer